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Care for your digestive wellness daily with our microbiome-balancing blend of prebiotic fiber. Unflavored and easy-to-use, our proprietary powder fits seamlessly into your day providing 7g of fiber in each serving to support overall gut health and promote regularity.*
Daily Prebiotic Fiber is an unflavored, soluble fiber powder made...
Finally, a targeted fiber supplement that supports gut health and regularity. Formulated with psyllium husk and electrolytes, this delicious powder gives you a much-needed boost of daily fiber to help alleviate bloating and digestive discomfort, and keep you satiated in between meals.*
Fiber Rescue is a targeted solution for...
Rebalance and restore your microbiome with our essentials-only pre, pro, and postbiotic blend providing broad spectrum digestive support for a healthy gut. Create and sustain a balanced and diverse microbiome, boost overall immunity, and get your gut back to homeostasis with each daily dose.*
Synbiotic’s 3-in-1 formula is an...
Expert approved
Dairy Free
Gluten Free
Glyphosate Residue Free

Mindfully made to get you back to those good gut feelings.

Backed by Science

Our system of gut health products are made with simple, research-driven ingredients that are clinically proven to support everyday digestive wellness.

All roads lead to the gut.

Empower a more connected self, so that you listen to your body in order to feel your best.

A better way to balance
your biome.